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전체게시물 54
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54 [Food Safety] GC-FID를 이용한 식품 중 유동파라핀 함량 분석 757
53 [Food Safety] 식품 내 콜레이스테롤 시험법 (식품공전, Gas Chromatography 법) 146
52 [Food Safety] LC-ESI-MS/MS를 이용한 키위 중 streptomycin 분석 859
51 [Food Safety] Rapid determination of nine parabens and seven other environmental phenols in urine samples of Germa… 159
50 [Food Safety] Quantitative Analysis of Nitrofuran Metabolites and Chloramphenicol in Shrimp Using Acetonitrile Ext… 237
49 [Food Safety] 아미노글리코사이드계 항균물질의 분석 가이드 459
48 [Food Safety] 식품의 기준 및 규격 일부 개정고시 [13. 12. 31] 236
47 [Food Safety] Determination of 44 Pesticides in Foodstuffs by LC/MS/MS 280
46 [Food Safety] Comprehensive Pesticide Residue Analysis by LC/MS/MS Using an Ultra Aqueous C18 Column 129
45 [Food Safety] LC-MS/MS Analysis of Emerging Food Contaminants 212
44 [Food Safety] 농산물품질관리원 고시 농산물 등의 유해물질 분석법-잔류농약 분석을 위… 271
43 [Food Safety] 식품공전 잔류농약 분석법 실무해설서 제3판 - LCMS 분석법 참조 151
42 [Food Safety] Identification of new flavan-3-ol monoglycosides by UHPLC-ESI-Q-TOF in grapes and wine 242
41 [Food Safety] 생약의 잔류 농약 성분의 분석 가이드 북 - 식약청 180
40 [Food Safety] 포도주내의 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole의 분석을 위한 HS trap/GC/MS 181
39 [Food safety] Detection of zilpaterol (Zilmax®) in calf urine and faeces with liquid chromatography–tandem ma… 148
38 [Food safety] Application of Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry to the Analysis of Sugars and Sugar-Alcohol 52
37 [Food safety] 니트로퓨란계 항상물질의 대사물질 추적 - 잔류양 검사법을 위한 개정 내… 124
36 [Food safety] Determination of the N-Nitrosamine Content in Rubber Articles Using the Agilent 7000A Triple Quadrup… 200
35 [Food safety] 식품 중 부정물질 분석법(증보판) 파일 공유 - 식약청 자료 116
34 [Food safety] General Sample Preparation Procedure for Drug Residues in food - Part III 66
33 [Food safety] General Sample Preparation Procedure for Drug Residues in food - Part II 49
32 [Food safety] General Sample Preparation Procedure for Drug Residues in food - Part I 51
31 [Food safety] 식품에서 잔류 약물 분석을 위해 극복해야 할 주요 문제점 및 SPE 방식의 소… 111
30 [Food safety] Resteck 사의 Aquous Ultra C18 컬럼을 적용한 LCMSMS에서 잔류농약280종 검출 applicati… 76
29 [Food safety] Determination of diclazuril, toltrazuril and its two metabolites in poultry tissues and eggs by gel … 86
28 [Food safety] 식품공전 잔류농약 분석법 실무해설서-식약청발간 108
27 [Food safety] Evaluation of a rapid screening method for chemical contaminants of concern in four food-related mat… 63
26 [Food safety] Evaluating a direct swabbing method for screening pesticides on fruit and vegetable surfaces using d… 45
25 [Food safety] Rapid control of Chinese star anise fruits and teas for neurotoxic anisatin by Direct Analysis in Re… 43
24 [Food safety] LCMSMS를 이용한 식품에 함유된 농약분석 165
23 [Food safety] [Books] Chemical Analysis of Antibiotic Residues in Food 127