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전체게시물 38
번호 제   목 조회
38 [Clinical Research] Glycoproteomics-Based Identification of Cancer Biomarkers 675
37 [Clinical Research] Validation of a LC-MS/MS method for quantifying urinary nicotine, six nicotine metabolites and the m… 429
36 [Clinical Research] Determination of sitagliptinin human plasma using protein precipitation and tandem mass spectrometry 160
35 [Clinical Research] Quantitative analysis of immunoglobulin subclasses and subclass specific glycosylation by LC-MS-MRM … 163
34 [Clinical Research] [Review] The sweet and sour of serological glycoprotein tumor biomarker quantification 257
33 [Clinical Research] LC–MS Profiling of N-Glycans Derived from Human Serum Samples for Biomarker Discovery in Hepatocel… 131
32 [Clinical Research] Sample Preparation Optimization - Bady fluid 222
31 [Clinical Research] Practical Issues in Developing Chromatographic Methods to Assist Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 105
30 [Clinical Research] 생체시료분석법 밸리데이션 해설서 [2010 년 발간 - 식약청] 236
29 [Clinical Research] Tandem mass spectrometry : Detection and Evaluation of Penicillins and Their Metabolites in Blood an… 175
28 [Clinical Research] Propofol 대사체(propofol-glucuronide)의 추적을 통한 소변에서의 LC-MS/MS 분석법 257
27 [Clinical Research] 생체시료분석법 밸리데이션-검체검증분석 가이드라인 (안) 131
26 [Clinical Research] An iTRAQ approach to quantitative proteome analysis of cerebrospinal fluid from patients with tuberc… 136
25 [Clinical Research] 액체-액체 추출법 (Liquid-liquid extraction) 의 이해 237
24 [Clinical Research] 고체상 추출법 (Solid phase extraction) 의 이해 345
23 [Clinical Research] Automated SPE-LC/MS/MS Assay for 25-OH Vitamin D Metabolites from Serum 95
22 [Clinical Research] 신생아 및 미숙아를 대상으로 하는 임상시험 평가 가이드라인 94
21 [Clinical Research] Misleading measures in Vitamin D analysis: A novel LC-MS/MS assay to account for epimers and isobars 87
20 [Clinical Research] Comprehensive investigation of the influence of acidic, basic, and organic mobile phase compositions… 72
19 [Clinical Research] 생체시료를 LC/MS/MS 분석 시 나타나는 Matrix effect 의 최소화 116
18 [Clinical Research] Quantitative Bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS: A Review 102
17 [Clinical Research] MALDI-TOF : High-Throughput Identification of Bacteria and Yeast by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry in C… 268
16 [Clinical Research] Mass spectrometry-based salivary proteomics for the discovery of head and neck squamous cell carcino… 71
15 [Clinical Research] Rapid Analysis of Steroid Hormones by GC/MS 81
14 [Clinical Research] ICP-MS 를 이용한 모발 검사 161
13 [Clinical Research] Phenylketonuria (페닐케톤뇨증)의 진단을 위한 Mass spectrometry 의 활용 자료 239
12 [Clinical Research] Proteomic studies in breast cancer (Review) 184
11 [Clinical Research] Analysis of Vitamin D in Serum by LC/MS/MS 249
10 [Clinical Research] High-throughput HPLC-MS/MS method to determine ibandronate in human plasma for pharmacokinetic appli… 242
9 [Clinical Research] A sensitive and simple ultra-high-performance-liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry based… 180
8 [Clinical Research] Simultaneous determination of six hydrophilic components in rat plasma after oral administration of … 157
7 [Clinical Research] Development and validation of highly sensitive method for determination of misoprostol free acid in … 157