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전체게시물 82
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82 [Biotechnology] Proteome identification of the silkworm middle silk gland 1065
81 [Biotechnology] MALDI-TOF : Selective Isolation of Glycoproteins and Glycopeptides for MALDI-TOF MS Detection Suppor… 152
80 [Biotechnology] High-Throughput Analysis and Automation for Glycomics Studies. 541
79 [Biotechnology] An improved UPLC-MS/MS platform for quantitative analysis of glycerophosphoinositol in mammalian cel… 150
78 [Biotechnology] Comparing MALDI-MS, RP-LC-MALDI-MS and RP-LC-ESI-MS glycomic profiles of permethylated N-glycans der… 218
77 [Biotechnology] Assignment of Saccharide Identities through Analysis of Oxonium Ion Fragmentation Profiles in LC-MS/… 284
76 [Biotechnology] Automated glycopeptide analysis—review of current state and future directions 297
75 [Biotechnology] Design of Glycopeptides Used to Investigate Class II MHC Binding and T-Cell Responses Associated wit… 115
74 [Biotechnology] Enrichment of glycopeptides for glycan structure and attachment site identification 143
73 [Biotechnology] Protein O-glycosylation analysis 140
72 [Biotechnology] Structural determination of O-glycans by tandem mass spectrometry. 196
71 [Biotechnology] Characterization of glycopeptides by combining collision-induced dissociation and electron-transfer … 169
70 [Biotechnology] PhosFox: a bioinformatics tool for peptide-level processing of LC-MS/MS-based phosphoproteomic data 168
69 [Biotechnology] Structural motifs in primary oxidation products of palmitoyl-arachidonoyl phosphatidylcholines by LC… 138
68 [Biotechnology] Why N-terminal (Edman) sequencing ? 400
67 [Biotechnology] An asparagine residue at the N-terminus affects the maturation process of low molecular weight glute… 159
66 [Biotechnology] peptide mapping MS 분석 과정의 설명 322
65 [Biotechnology] 단백질 total full fraction 으로부터 target protein 정제하는 대표적 방법 705
64 [Biotechnology] Peptide Mass Fingerprinting 법 part II - Peptide excision and desalting 378
63 [Biotechnology] Peptide Mass Fingerprinting 법 part I - In Gel Tryptic Digestion 299
62 [Biotechnology] Antibacterial activities of coagulase-negative staphylococci from bovine teat apex skin and their in… 115
61 [Biotechnology] A novel fibrin(ogen)olytic trypsin-like protease from Chinese oak silkworm (Antheraea pernyi): Purif… 74
60 [Biotechnology] Isolation and biochemical characterization of a γ-type phospholipase A2 inhibitor from Crotalus d… 79
59 [Biotechnology] Endogenous Diterpenes Derived from ent-Kaurene, a Common Gibberellin Precursor, Regulate Protonema D… 171
58 [Biotechnology] Higher Throughput Methods of Identifying T Cell Epitopes for Studying Outcomes of Altered Antigen Pr… 76
57 [Biotechnology] Assessment of marker proteins identified in whole cell extracts for bacterial speciation using liqui… 67
56 [Biotechnology] Identification of serum biomarkers for lung cancer using protein mass spectrometry 185
55 [Biotechnology] Neutral loss and precursor ion scan tandem mass spectrometry for study of activated benzopyrene-DNA … 94
54 [Biotechnology] Identification of Wheat Seed Proteins by MALDI-TOF-MS and Its Application in Genetic Study 257
53 [Biotechnology] PTM databases & Tools - ExPASy PTM 분석관련 링크 298
52 [Biotechnology] 치료목적의 재조합 항체 단백질의 N-glycosylation 의 특성규명 240
51 [Biotechnology] PTMScan Direct: Identification and Quantification of Peptides from Critical Signaling Proteins by Im… 99