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전체게시물 312
번호 제   목 조회
312 [Validation/LIMS] 실험계획법을 활용한 의약품 시험법 최적화 사례집 1083
311 [Validation/LIMS] Analytical method Validation: ICP-OES 30
310 [Pharmaceuticals] Comparison of ESI– and APCI–LC–MS/MS methods: A case study of levonorgestrel in human plasma 1010
309 [Biotechnology] Proteome identification of the silkworm middle silk gland 1065
308 [Clinical Research] Glycoproteomics-Based Identification of Cancer Biomarkers 675
307 [Biotechnology] MALDI-TOF : Selective Isolation of Glycoproteins and Glycopeptides for MALDI-TOF MS Detection Suppor… 152
306 [Food Safety] GC-FID를 이용한 식품 중 유동파라핀 함량 분석 757
305 [Food Safety] 식품 내 콜레이스테롤 시험법 (식품공전, Gas Chromatography 법) 146
304 [Food Safety] LC-ESI-MS/MS를 이용한 키위 중 streptomycin 분석 859
303 [Food Safety] Rapid determination of nine parabens and seven other environmental phenols in urine samples of Germa… 159
302 [Pharmaceuticals] An Improved LC-MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Determination of the Eleven Bioactive Constituents for … 606
301 [Pharmaceuticals] Analysis of Citalopram in Plasma and Hair by a Validated LC MS/MS Method 105
300 [Pharmaceuticals] Development and Validation of LC-MS/MS Method for Determination of Trimipramine Maleate in Human Pla… 112
299 [Biotechnology] High-Throughput Analysis and Automation for Glycomics Studies. 541
298 [Biotechnology] An improved UPLC-MS/MS platform for quantitative analysis of glycerophosphoinositol in mammalian cel… 150
297 [Pharmaceuticals] A validated LC-MS/MS assay for quantification of 24(S)-hydroxycholesterol in plasma and cerebrospina… 177
296 [Clinical Research] Validation of a LC-MS/MS method for quantifying urinary nicotine, six nicotine metabolites and the m… 429
295 [Environmental Analysis] Pesticides for apicultural and/or agricultural application found in Belgian honey bee wax combs. 666
294 [Food Safety] Quantitative Analysis of Nitrofuran Metabolites and Chloramphenicol in Shrimp Using Acetonitrile Ext… 237
293 [Pharmaceuticals] A Simple Protein Precipitation-based Simultaneous Quantification of.. 240
292 [Clinical Research] Determination of sitagliptinin human plasma using protein precipitation and tandem mass spectrometry 160
291 [Validation/LIMS] A Practical Approach to Validation of HPLC Methods Under Current Good Manufacturing Practices 940
290 [Pharmaceuticals] Determination of Ciprofloxacin in Pharmaceutical Formulations Using HPLC Method with UV Detection 140
289 [Clinical Research] Quantitative analysis of immunoglobulin subclasses and subclass specific glycosylation by LC-MS-MRM … 163
288 [Biotechnology] Comparing MALDI-MS, RP-LC-MALDI-MS and RP-LC-ESI-MS glycomic profiles of permethylated N-glycans der… 218
287 [Biotechnology] Assignment of Saccharide Identities through Analysis of Oxonium Ion Fragmentation Profiles in LC-MS/… 284
286 [Biotechnology] Automated glycopeptide analysis—review of current state and future directions 297
285 [Biotechnology] Design of Glycopeptides Used to Investigate Class II MHC Binding and T-Cell Responses Associated wit… 115
284 [Biotechnology] Enrichment of glycopeptides for glycan structure and attachment site identification 143
283 [Biotechnology] Protein O-glycosylation analysis 140
282 [Biotechnology] Structural determination of O-glycans by tandem mass spectrometry. 196
281 [Clinical Research] [Review] The sweet and sour of serological glycoprotein tumor biomarker quantification 257