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전체게시물 312
번호 제   목 조회
312 [Industry] LC/MS를 이용한 고분자 첨가제 분석 1059
311 [Biotechnology] Proteome identification of the silkworm middle silk gland 981
310 [Food safety] 노닐페놀류의 검출 시험법에 대한 소개 959
309 [Pharmaceuticals] Comparison of ESI– and APCI–LC–MS/MS methods: A case study of levonorgestrel in human plasma 936
308 [Validation/LIMS] A Practical Approach to Validation of HPLC Methods Under Current Good Manufacturing Practices 934
307 [Food Safety] LC-ESI-MS/MS를 이용한 키위 중 streptomycin 분석 857
306 [Metabolites] Metabolite identification of a new tyrosine kinase inhibitor, HM781-36B, and a pharmacokinetic study… 851
305 [Food Safety] GC-FID를 이용한 식품 중 유동파라핀 함량 분석 656
304 [Validation/LIMS] 실험계획법을 활용한 의약품 시험법 최적화 사례집 646
303 [Biotechnology] 단백질 total full fraction 으로부터 target protein 정제하는 대표적 방법 626
302 [Clinical Research] Glycoproteomics-Based Identification of Cancer Biomarkers 620
301 [Environmental Analysis] Pesticides for apicultural and/or agricultural application found in Belgian honey bee wax combs. 615
300 [Pharmaceuticals] An Improved LC-MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Determination of the Eleven Bioactive Constituents for … 606
299 [Pharmaceuticals] 당단백질의약품의 당사슬 분석 시험법핸드북 - 식약청 5월23일 601
298 [Food Safety] 발기부전 치료제 및 유사물질의 종류 및 특성과 시험법 546
297 [Biotechnology] High-Throughput Analysis and Automation for Glycomics Studies. 539
296 [Validation/LIMS] Laboratory Information Management System 468
295 [Food Safety] 아미노글리코사이드계 항균물질의 분석 가이드 457
294 [Clinical Research] Validation of a LC-MS/MS method for quantifying urinary nicotine, six nicotine metabolites and the m… 428
293 [Environmental Analysis] Development of A Rapid Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for The Determination o… 411
292 [Pharmaceuticals] Quantitative analysis of oxytocin and vasopressin by LC-MS/MS 391
291 [Pharmaceuticals] 바이오시밀러(에리스로포이에틴) 특성분석 시험법(재조합의약품 시험법핸… 385
290 [Metabolites] LCMS를 이용한 drug metabolism studies 379
289 [Biotechnology] Why N-terminal (Edman) sequencing ? 372
288 다양한 항체 치료제 중 USP 약전에 등재된 목록 및 자료 링크 361
287 [Biotechnology] Peptide Mass Fingerprinting 법 part II - Peptide excision and desalting 356
286 생체시료분석법 밸리데이션에서의 질량분석기를 이용한 분석에서의 평가 … 349
285 [Pharmaceuticals] Methods & Validation for N-glycosylation Analysis of Glycoprotein Biopharmaceuticals Using Mass Spec… 349
284 [Biotechnology] Nonparametric Bayesian Approach to Post-translational Modification Refinement of Predictions from Ta…(1) 345
283 [Pharmaceuticals] Thermal Desorption GC/MS 를 이용하여 제약공정에서 잔존 용매를 결정하는 방법 343
282 [Clinical Research] 고체상 추출법 (Solid phase extraction) 의 이해 341
281 [Pharmaceuticals] Characterization outlines for analysis of peptide, protein, glycoprotein 318