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56 [Environmental Analysis] Pharmacokinetics of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) in the Rat Determined by UPLC-MS/MS 84
55 [Metabolites] Analytical methods for anti-doping control in sport: anabolic steroids with 4,9,11-triene structure … 84
54 [Food safety] Determination of diclazuril, toltrazuril and its two metabolites in poultry tissues and eggs by gel … 83
53 [Biotechnology] Glycomics using mass spectrometry 82
52 [Clinical Research] Rapid Analysis of Steroid Hormones by GC/MS 81
51 [Biotechnology] Simultaneous Assessment of Asp Isomerization and Asn Deamidation in Recombinant Antibodies by LC-MS … 81
50 [Biotechnology] [Proteomics] Post-Translation Modification : Glycosylation Overview 78
49 [Environmental Analysis] Metabolic Response to Oral Microcystin-LR Exposure in the Rat by NMR-Based Metabonomic Study. 78
48 [Biotechnology] Isolation and biochemical characterization of a γ-type phospholipase A2 inhibitor from Crotalus d… 76
47 [Pharmaceuticals] Pharmaceutical LC-MS application 75
46 [Pharmaceuticals] Analysis of desmopressin : Influence of dwell time and number of MRM transitions 75
45 [Pharmaceuticals] Advances and challenges in analytical characterization of biotechnology products: mass spectrometry-… 74
44 [Environmental Analysis] Quantification of steroids and endocrine disrupting chemicals in rat ovaries by LC-MS/MS for reprodu… 74
43 [Environmental Analysis] LC–ESI-Q-TOF-MS for faster and accurate determination of microcystins and nodularins in serum 73
42 [Metabolites] Simultaneous determination of docetaxel and ketoconazole in rat plasma by liquid chromatography/elec… 73
41 [Biotechnology] Higher Throughput Methods of Identifying T Cell Epitopes for Studying Outcomes of Altered Antigen Pr… 73
40 [Food safety] Resteck 사의 Aquous Ultra C18 컬럼을 적용한 LCMSMS에서 잔류농약280종 검출 applicati… 72
39 [Clinical Research] Comprehensive investigation of the influence of acidic, basic, and organic mobile phase compositions… 72
38 [Environmental Analysis] 먹는물 수질감시항목 운영지침 72
37 [Metabolites] Quantitative LC-MS Screening for Illicit Drugs Using Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Analysis and Accurate… 72
36 [Environmental Analysis] Occurrence of pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors in raw sewage and their behavior in UASB reac… 72
35 [Clinical Research] Mass spectrometry-based salivary proteomics for the discovery of head and neck squamous cell carcino… 71
34 [Biotechnology] A novel fibrin(ogen)olytic trypsin-like protease from Chinese oak silkworm (Antheraea pernyi): Purif… 70
33 [Biotechnology] Surface-activated chemical ionization-electrospray ionization source improves biomarker discovery wi… 69
32 [Environmental Analysis] Serum profiling by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry as a diagnostic tool for domoic acid toxicosis in Cal… 68
31 [Biotechnology] A review of statistical methods for protein identification using tandem mass spectrometry 68
30 [Pharmaceuticals] Current Developments in LC-MS for Pharmaceutical Analysis 67
29 [Biotechnology] 수용체 단백질을 이용한 MRSA에서의 항생제 저항성 연구 66
28 [Biotechnology] PTM MarkerFinder, a software tool to detect and validate spectra from peptides carrying post-transla… 66
27 [Biotechnology] Targeted Quantitation of Proteins by Mass Spectrometry 66
26 [Biotechnology] Assessment of marker proteins identified in whole cell extracts for bacterial speciation using liqui… 66
25 [Pharmaceuticals] The analysis of amphetamine-like cathinone derivatives using positive electrospray ionization with i… 65