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전체게시물 312
번호 제   목 조회
88 [Biotechnology] Amyloidosis 의 tryping 에서의 mass spectrometer 의 활용에 관한 review paper 100
87 [Biotechnology] Liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry in drug metabolism studies 100
86 [Pharmaceuticals] 항체의약품의 조직교차반응 시험 100
85 [Biotechnology] Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Lysine Ubiquitylation Reveals Promiscuity at Site Level 98
84 [Pharmaceuticals] Strategies in quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis of unstable small molecules in biological matrices 98
83 [Pharmaceuticals] 가바펜틴 의 LC/MS/MS를 이용한 생물학적 동등성 및 약물동태 연구 98
82 [Biotechnology] Mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry characterization of protein patterns, protein markers… 97
81 [Biotechnology] PTMScan Direct: Identification and Quantification of Peptides from Critical Signaling Proteins by Im… 96
80 [Biotechnology] [Proteomics] Post-Translation Modification : Phosphlryation Overview 95
79 [Food Safety] [0907-0089] 사과 중 잔류농약 분석 94
78 [Pharmaceuticals] KFDA 발표자료 - 바이오시밀러 허가의 개요 94
77 [Clinical Research] 신생아 및 미숙아를 대상으로 하는 임상시험 평가 가이드라인 94
76 [Clinical Research] Automated SPE-LC/MS/MS Assay for 25-OH Vitamin D Metabolites from Serum 94
75 [Biotechnology] Neutral loss and precursor ion scan tandem mass spectrometry for study of activated benzopyrene-DNA … 94
74 [Metabolites] Detection of Secondary Metabolites of Bacteria Using Whole-Cell Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/ Io… 94
73 [Biotechnology] Urinary metabolic profiling identifies a key role for glycocholic acid in human liver cancer by ultr… 93
72 [Biotechnology] [134번 자료 보충 자료] Quantitation of cyclic dinucleotides by reversed-phase LC-MS/MS 93
71 [Industry] Mass Spectrometry of Polymers and Polymer Surfaces 92
70 [Metabolites] Global Profiling Strategies for Mapping Dysregulated Metabolic Pathways in Cancer 92
69 [Biotechnology] Determination by LC-MS of Juvenile Hormone Titers in Hemolymph of the Silkworm, Bombyx mori. 91
68 [Biotechnology] Characterization of a high field Orbitrap mass spectrometer for proteome analysis 91
67 [Environmental Analysis] 기구 및 용기포장 이행물질 분석법 해설서 91
66 [Pharmaceuticals] Analysis of Serotonin using LC-MS-MS 90
65 [Pharmaceuticals] Dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction for the determination of vitamins D and K in foods by liq… 90
64 [Metabolites] Hollow-fiber liquid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of barbiturates i… 89
63 [Environmental Analysis] Ethylenethiourea 물질의 검출 및 분석법에 대한 변화를 알수 있는 논문 자료 세 … 88
62 [Biotechnology] 거미독 백신을 향해서 88
61 [Clinical Research] Misleading measures in Vitamin D analysis: A novel LC-MS/MS assay to account for epimers and isobars 87
60 [Biotechnology] Current Status and Advances in Quantitative Proteomic Mass Spectrometry 87
59 [Environmental Analysis] 국립환경과학원 고시 화학물질유해성시험방법 자료 86
58 [Industry] Employing MALDI-MS on Poly(alkylthiophenes):  Analysis of Molecular Weights, Molecular Weight Dist… 85
57 [Pharmaceuticals] An LC/MS/MS method for stable isotope dilution studies of β-carotene bioavailability, bioconversi… 84