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120 [Clinical Research] LC–ESI-MS/MS method for the quantification of entecavir in human plasma and its application to bio… 121
119 [Biotechnology] Tandem mass spectrometry : Detection and Evaluation of Penicillins and Their Metabolites in Blood an… 117
118 [Pharmaceuticals] Determination of acetylsalicylic acid and its major metabolite, salicylic acid, in human plasma usin… 116
117 [Validation/LIMS] System suitability in bioanalytical LC/MS/MS 116
116 [Food Safety] Comprehensive Pesticide Residue Analysis by LC/MS/MS Using an Ultra Aqueous C18 Column 116
115 [Clinical Research] The Quantification of leucine and its isomer in physiological fluids using liquid chromatography and… 115
114 [Clinical Research] 생체시료를 LC/MS/MS 분석 시 나타나는 Matrix effect 의 최소화 115
113 [Biotechnology] Limitations and Pitfalls in Protein Identification by Mass Spectrometry 115
112 [Food Safety] High-throughput Screening Method for Multiple Classes of Antibiotics in Milk 113
111 [Biotechnology] The Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Glycoproteins and their Glycan 112
110 [Biotechnology] Antibacterial activities of coagulase-negative staphylococci from bovine teat apex skin and their in… 112
109 [Metabolites] Comparison of GC/MS and LC/MS methods for the analysis of propofol and its metabolites in urine 111
108 [Environmental Analysis] Mixed-mode solid-phase extraction coupled with liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry to det… 111
107 [Biotechnology] Design of Glycopeptides Used to Investigate Class II MHC Binding and T-Cell Responses Associated wit… 111
106 [Biotechnology] Analytical Methods for Holistic Metabolite Profiling in Systems Biology Studies 110
105 [Biotechnology] Peptide mapping for protein sequencing : B. LC-MS 조건 110
104 [Pharmaceuticals] Development and Validation of LC-MS/MS Method for Determination of Trimipramine Maleate in Human Pla… 110
103 [Food Safety] LC/MS/MS Analysis of Vitamin D3 by the Co-Sense for Impurities System(1) 109
102 [Food safety] 식품 중 부정물질 분석법(증보판) 파일 공유 - 식약청 자료 109
101 [Food Safety] Optimisation of Existing Methods for Analysis of Antibiotics in Meat using MS/MS Detection 108
100 [Environmental Analysis] Quick Method for the Analysis of Residues of numerous Highly Polar Pesticides in Foods of Plant Orig… 106
99 [Food safety] 식품공전 잔류농약 분석법 실무해설서-식약청발간 105
98 [Food safety] 식품에서 잔류 약물 분석을 위해 극복해야 할 주요 문제점 및 SPE 방식의 소… 105
97 [Pharmaceuticals] Analysis of Citalopram in Plasma and Hair by a Validated LC MS/MS Method 105
96 [Food safety] 니트로퓨란계 항상물질의 대사물질 추적 - 잔류양 검사법을 위한 개정 내… 103
95 [Biotechnology] Bottom-up 방식의 protein sequencing 과정 소개 103
94 [Clinical Research] Quantitative Bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS: A Review 102
93 [Environmental Analysis] 먹는 물 수질 검사항목 운영 지침서 - 환경부 [ 2013년 1월 실시예정] 102
92 [Clinical Research] Practical Issues in Developing Chromatographic Methods to Assist Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 102
91 [Food safety] A multi-residue method for pesticides analysis in green coffee beans using gas chromatography-negati… 101
90 [Industry] Polyalkylthiophene block copolymer 의 특성과 질량분석 관련 논문 소개 101
89 [Environmental Analysis] Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins: Information for Drinking Water Systems 101