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152 [Food Safety] Development of an accelerated solvent extraction, ultrasonic derivatisation LC‐MS/MS method for th… 139
151 [Pharmaceuticals] Determination of Ciprofloxacin in Pharmaceutical Formulations Using HPLC Method with UV Detection 138
150 [Biotechnology] PhosFox: a bioinformatics tool for peptide-level processing of LC-MS/MS-based phosphoproteomic data 138
149 식품 내 acrylamide 의 분석법. 137
148 [Pharmaceuticals] 제약분석을 위한 HPLC Method개발 및 최적화 137
147 [Environmental Analysis] Mycrosystin (Cyanginosin) 에 대한 소개 137
146 [Biotechnology] An asparagine residue at the N-terminus affects the maturation process of low molecular weight glute… 137
145 [Clinical Research] Metabolomic Profiling of Amino Acids and β-Cell Function Relative to Insulin Sensitivity in Youth… 136
144 [Clinical Research] Determination of glibenclamide and puerarin in rat plasma by UPLC-MS/MS : Application to their pharm… 136
143 [Pharmaceuticals] Guideline on the investigation of bioequivalence (EMA) 136
142 [Clinical Research] An iTRAQ approach to quantitative proteome analysis of cerebrospinal fluid from patients with tuberc… 136
141 [Food Safety] 식품 내 콜레이스테롤 시험법 (식품공전, Gas Chromatography 법) 136
140 [Food Safety] Analysis of Parabens in Hand Lotions 134
139 [Biotechnology] Protein O-glycosylation analysis 133
138 [Validation/LIMS] LIMS 필요성과 효과 132
137 [Pharmaceuticals] Determination of esomeprazole and its two main metabolites in human, rat and dog plasma by liquid ch… 131
136 [Clinical Research] Amino Acid Profiling for the Diagnosis of Inborn Errors of Metabolism 130
135 [Biotechnology] Structural motifs in primary oxidation products of palmitoyl-arachidonoyl phosphatidylcholines by LC… 130
134 [Pharmaceuticals] Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of the new targeted anticancer agents imatinib, nilotinib, dasatinib, su… 129
133 [Pharmaceuticals] Determination of Glimepiride in Human Plasma by Liquid Chromatography Electrospray Ionization Tandem… 129
132 [Clinical Research] LC–MS Profiling of N-Glycans Derived from Human Serum Samples for Biomarker Discovery in Hepatocel… 129
131 [Pharmaceuticals] Simultaneous LC-MS-MS Analysis of Capecitabine and its Metabolites (5’-deoxy-5-fluorocytidine, 5… 128
130 [Environmental Analysis] Microcystin 의 분석 관련 자료 128
129 [Validation/LIMS] 실험실 자동화는 LIMS 의 부분적 요소이고 선택사항 127
128 [Food Safety] 식품공전 잔류농약 분석법 실무해설서 제3판 126
127 [Pharmaceuticals] Analysis of inorganic impurities in pharmaceuticals by ICP-MS 126
126 [Food safety] Determination of the N-Nitrosamine Content in Rubber Articles Using the Agilent 7000A Triple Quadrup… 125
125 [Clinical Research] 생체시료분석법 밸리데이션-검체검증분석 가이드라인 (안) 125
124 [Biotechnology] [Proteomics] Post-Translation Modification : Ubiqutination Overview 124
123 해충저항성 벼 Cry1Ab/Ac 단백질의 식품안전성 평가 연구 : 평가 연구 123
122 [Environmental Analysis] Thiol Derivatization for LC-MS Identification of Microcystins in Complex Matrices 123
121 [Food safety] [Books] Chemical Analysis of Antibiotic Residues in Food 122