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전체게시물 312
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248 [Pharmaceuticals] A Simple Protein Precipitation-based Simultaneous Quantification of.. 237
247 [Clinical Research] Propofol 대사체(propofol-glucuronide)의 추적을 통한 소변에서의 LC-MS/MS 분석법 236
246 [Food Safety] Quantitative Analysis of Nitrofuran Metabolites and Chloramphenicol in Shrimp Using Acetonitrile Ext… 235
245 [Food Safety] 식품내에서의 니트로사민류 의 분석법 233
244 [Pharmaceuticals] Quantitative liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry for the analysis of microdialysates. 232
243 [Environmental Analysis] 마이크로시스틴류의 고감도 동시분석 231
242 [Clinical Research] 생체시료분석법 밸리데이션 해설서 [2010 년 발간 - 식약청] 227
241 [Biotechnology] peptide mapping MS 분석 과정의 설명 227
240 [Clinical Research] High-throughput HPLC-MS/MS method to determine ibandronate in human plasma for pharmacokinetic appli… 226
239 [Food Safety] 벤조피렌 분석법의 실무 해설서 224
238 [Metabolites] Newborn Screening about inborn error of metabolism by MS/MS 222
237 [Food Safety] 식품의 기준 및 규격 일부 개정고시 [13. 12. 31] 221
236 [Clinical Research] Sample Preparation Optimization - Bady fluid 220
235 [Biotechnology] Identification of Wheat Seed Proteins by MALDI-TOF-MS and Its Application in Genetic Study 219
234 [Clinical Research] Analysis of Vitamin D in Serum by LC/MS/MS 218
233 [Environmental Analysis] GC/MS 를 이용한 수질 검사 - 유기질소계 및 유기인계 제초제 분석 217
232 [Pharmaceuticals] 바이오시밀러(에리스로포이에틴) 특성분석 시험법(재조합의약품 시험법핸… 212
231 [Biotechnology] Comparing MALDI-MS, RP-LC-MALDI-MS and RP-LC-ESI-MS glycomic profiles of permethylated N-glycans der… 210
230 [Biotechnology] LC/MS/MS determination of nitrofuran metabolite residues in honey 206
229 [Environmental Analysis] LCMSMS를 이용한 식품에 함유된 농약분석 205
228 [Metabolites] Isolation and identification of the metabolites of paeonol in human urine 201
227 [Biotechnology] Application of SID/MRM-MS to Biomarker Verification 197
226 [Validation/LIMS] 식품 의약품 안전처 연구노트관리지침 197
225 [Environmental Analysis] Comparative Studies on the pH Dependence of DOW of Microcystin-RR and -LR using LC-MS 197
224 [Food Safety] 새우 및 가금류 중 니트로퓨란 항생제 대사물질의 정량 195
223 [Biotechnology] Peptide mapping for protein sequencing : B. LC-MS/MS 조건 195
222 [Food Safety] LC-MS/MS Analysis of Emerging Food Contaminants 193
221 [Clinical Research] [Review] The sweet and sour of serological glycoprotein tumor biomarker quantification 192
220 [Biotechnology] DART 응용 : Quantification of small molecules in plasma with direct analysis in real time tandem m… 191
219 [Biotechnology] Structural determination of O-glycans by tandem mass spectrometry. 187
218 [Clinical Research] 액체-액체 추출법 (Liquid-liquid extraction) 의 이해 186
217 [Environmental Analysis] 잔류농약분석에 이용하는 LCMSMS 186