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전체게시물 82
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18 [Biotechnology] LC/MS/MS determination of nitrofuran metabolite residues in honey 206
17 [Biotechnology] Urinary metabolic profiling identifies a key role for glycocholic acid in human liver cancer by ultr… 93
16 [Biotechnology] Analytical Methods for Holistic Metabolite Profiling in Systems Biology Studies 110
15 [Biotechnology] Amyloidosis 의 tryping 에서의 mass spectrometer 의 활용에 관한 review paper 100
14 [Biotechnology] Tandem mass spectrometry : Detection and Evaluation of Penicillins and Their Metabolites in Blood an… 117
13 [Biotechnology] Newborn Screening about inborn error of metabolism by MS/MS 173
12 [Biotechnology] Liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry in drug metabolism studies 100
11 [Biotechnology] Mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry characterization of protein patterns, protein markers… 97
10 [Biotechnology] Ion trap 방식의 LC-MS 장비에서의 peptide 의 MS/MS 분석을 위한 기초 설정 자료 260
9 [Biotechnology] 당단백질의약품의 당사슬 분석 시험법핸드북 - 식약청 301
8 [Biotechnology] Quantitative Analysis of global Ubiquitination in HeLa Cells by Mass Spectrometry 179
7 [Biotechnology] Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Lysine Ubiquitylation Reveals Promiscuity at Site Level 98
6 [Biotechnology] Peptide mapping for protein sequencing : B. LC-MS/MS 조건 195
5 [Biotechnology] Peptide mapping for protein sequencing : B. LC-MS 조건 110
4 [Biotechnology] Peptide mapping for protein sequencing : A. 시료 전처리 protocol 148
3 [Biotechnology] The Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Glycoproteins and their Glycan 112
2 [Biotechnology] UFLC-MS/MS를 이용한 아미노산 분석방법 최적화 144
1 [Biotechnology] Identification of Wheat Seed Proteins by MALDI-TOF-MS and Its Application in Genetic Study 219