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50 [Biotechnology] Glycomics using mass spectrometry 82
49 [Biotechnology] [Proteomics] Post-Translation Modification : Ubiqutination Overview 124
48 [Biotechnology] [Proteomics] Post-Translation Modification : Glycosylation Overview 77
47 [Biotechnology] [Proteomics] Post-Translation Modification : Phosphlryation Overview 95
46 [Biotechnology] Phosphopeptide enrichment 방법의 소개 : IMAC 사용 256
45 [Biotechnology] Large-Scale Profiling of Protein Palmitoylation in Mammalian Cells 173
44 [Biotechnology] Nonparametric Bayesian Approach to Post-translational Modification Refinement of Predictions from Ta…(1) 62
43 [Biotechnology] Targeted Quantitation of Proteins by Mass Spectrometry 66
42 [Biotechnology] Interlaboratory Study on Differential Analysis of Protein Glycosylation by Mass Spectrometry: the AB… 51
41 [Biotechnology] Protein hydrogen exchange at residue resolution by proteolytic fragmentation mass spectrometry analy… 62
40 [Biotechnology] Application of SID/MRM-MS to Biomarker Verification 196
39 [Biotechnology] Characterization of a high field Orbitrap mass spectrometer for proteome analysis 90
38 [Biotechnology] Determination by LC-MS of Juvenile Hormone Titers in Hemolymph of the Silkworm, Bombyx mori. 90
37 [Biotechnology] Proteomic Profiling and Protein Identification by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry in Unsequenced Parasit… 140
36 [Biotechnology] PTM MarkerFinder, a software tool to detect and validate spectra from peptides carrying post-transla… 66
35 [Biotechnology] Current Status and Advances in Quantitative Proteomic Mass Spectrometry 87
34 [Biotechnology] [134번 자료 보충 자료] Quantitation of cyclic dinucleotides by reversed-phase LC-MS/MS 93
33 [Biotechnology] [135번 글의 보충 자료] Characterization of Spider Venom Peptides by High-Resolution LC-MS/MS … 65
32 [Biotechnology] 거미독 백신을 향해서 85
31 [Biotechnology] 수용체 단백질을 이용한 MRSA에서의 항생제 저항성 연구 66
30 [Biotechnology] 합성 생물학에서의 무세포 단백질 합성 시스템의 응용(충남대 김동명 교수,… 144
29 [Biotechnology] Unrestrictive identification of post-translational modifications in the urine proteome without enric… 60
28 [Biotechnology] Simultaneous Assessment of Asp Isomerization and Asn Deamidation in Recombinant Antibodies by LC-MS … 81
27 [Biotechnology] Limitations and Pitfalls in Protein Identification by Mass Spectrometry 115
26 [Biotechnology] Bottom-up 방식의 protein sequencing 과정 소개 103
25 [Biotechnology] A review of statistical methods for protein identification using tandem mass spectrometry 68
24 [Biotechnology] Surface-activated chemical ionization-electrospray ionization source improves biomarker discovery wi… 69
23 [Biotechnology] Taurine as a marker for the identification of natural calculus bovis and its substitutes. 43
22 [Biotechnology] Higher Resolution Improves Top-Down Protein Identification Results on an Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer … 47
21 [Biotechnology] 프로테오믹스 최신연구동향 보고서 링크 65
20 [Biotechnology] DART 응용 : Quantification of small molecules in plasma with direct analysis in real time tandem m… 191
19 [Biotechnology] Characterization outlines for analysis of peptide, protein, glycoprotein 256